Friday, May 9, 2008

SPECIAL REPORT: Life After An Autism Diagnosis; Special Diets

Learning that your child has autism can be heartbreaking news.
Since cases of autism are on the rise - it's a diagnosis many families in our area are dealing with.
But the good news is that many autistic kids are having great success with alternative therapies. A Weston family trying a bio-medical approach to their autistic son's diet.

Two year old Troy is the Esker's only child and his father Cory Esker, describes him as a daddy's boy.
Troy's parents say they noticed his speech delay and learned about his autism diagnosis in December of 2007. "First it was a little bit of a shock but after a while you just get used to it and it's just another challenge in life," says Esker.

The Esker's say doctors told them to immediately put troy in therapy. They tried to, but several programs they applied for had waiting lists with wait times as long as two years. "when you talk about early intervention some times i don't think those programs are really effective because of the waiting... Early intervention is like now." Says Troy's Mom Jamie.

The Eskers are trying a special diet and alternative therapy. He is on the Gluten Free, Casein Free Diet. He is also in an alternative therapy program called DIR Floor-time. Troy's mom says he is a blessing. To pay for his alternative therapy she says they've cut back on household items and delayed family vacation plans.

Troy's dad says like most fathers, he dreams of playing sports with his son someday. No matter what the future holds, autism won't stop him from enjoying time with his son. "I make time for him, and when I get into it, I enjoy it more than anything in the world."

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